Zayn Malik Hairstyle

20 May

UK talent show, The X-Factor was not only successfully producing talented singer but it has affected people’s lifestyle. One of the successful artists that started their career through this show is the famous boy band, One Direction. One Direction is a British-Irish boy band that consists of five guys as the members. One Direction started the successful music career by finished in the third place of The X Factor in 2010 then signed the contract with North American record company, Columbia Records. Suddenly, One Direction has become famous for releasing some hits and even this boy band won some prestigious awards. Today, One Direction is not only the boy band known for its great songs but people start using One Direction as their inspiration of lifestyle. Worldwide fans start following the style of One Direction members and among six guys that become the members of this phenomenal boy band, Zayn Malik is probably the most popular one. It is because Malik has unique style that makes people feel interested to follow him. One special thing from Malik’s physical characteristic is his hair. Zayn Malik has received much attention for his hair. When people look other people with the same hair cut like Malik has, they are going to refer this hair cut as zayn malik hairstyle since Zayn Malik is the one to make this hair cut popular worldwide.

Why Zayn Malik’s hairstyle is really popular today? Well, perhaps it’s because this unique hairstyle is unique and any guy can look great with this hairstyle. The image of boy band is usually some cute but Malik offers something different through his hairstyle. People call zayn malik hairstyle as sporty hairstyle and some music experts even say that through his style, Zayn Malik has successfully changed the image of boy band as something girly. However, Malik’s hairstyle is not enough; it has to be supported with the whole great look. Zayn Malik’s unique hairstyle is started to be followed by some male who want to look sporty but cute. This is the impression given from this hairstyle. Hairstyle Zayn Malik has is going to make people can show their young spirit and it is trendy at the same time. It is called as the universal hairstyle since anyone can try this unique hairstyle as their choice of hair cut. Zayn Malik hairstyle is really popular today and many hair dressers are able to cut their customer’s hair in this style. The customers who want to look sporty, cute and trendy can come to a hair dresser and ask for zayn malik hairstyle. They don’t have to explain more about this style since most hair dressers have already known about zayn malik hairstyle.

If they don’t want to really look like Zayn Malik, some hair dressers have the way to give something different in zayn malik hairstyle. People don’t need to be worry that they will lose their real characteristic for having this hair style because there are some methods can be applied to make zayn malik hairstyle becomes their own hairstyle. Some hair dressers are going to combine this unique hair cut technique with other methods such as highlighting.

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