Short Pixie Haircut for your face shape

20 Jun

Pixie haircut is one of the preferred short hairstyle which is very much in trend from several years now. In spite of its short length, the haircut is such a flattering and feminine that it can give you a gamine look or elegance par excellence, depending upon how you style it. The pixie hairstyle can have a wonderful appeal to your face shape and your overall beauty. The hairstyle can even make you look years younger.

There are plenty of pixie hairstyles that you can choose from but choosing the perfect one that enhances your personality is crucial. While opting for a hairstyle, you should consider several factors such as your facial contour, hair texture as well as your lifestyle. If you have an oval shaped face, then you are truly blessed as pixie haircut looks great on oval shaped faces. Even if your face shape is different there are still several pixie hairstyles that may look good on your face shape. Determine your face shape and then choose the one accordingly. Here are some short pixie haircut ideas to help you choose the perfect one according to your face shape.

Pixie haircut for Oval shaped face

Oval shaped face is the perfect face shape for a pixie cut. You can opt for a very short cropped pixie cut, pixie with longer strands, short pixie with bangs, any style will work for you. Choose the pixie cut that will accentuate your facial features at its best as well as work well with your hair texture just as Emma Watson did.

Emma Watson's short pixie cut    Emma watson's pixie haircut

Image Credit: s_bukley

Pixie haircut for Heart shaped face

If you have a heart shaped face then you cannot afford a pixie haircut with too much volume at the crown area. Instead the best pixie haircut for your face shape is a style similar to that of Michelle Williams. However there is still some height at the crown area but it somehow elongate the shorter feature of a heart shaped face.

Michelle william's pixie cut    Michelle Williams pixie haircut

Image Credit: Featureflash                                                            Image Credit: Featureflash

Pixie haircut for Round face

If your face tends to be round, then you can go for a pixie cut with lots of volume at the crown area to create an effect of longer and narrower face. Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie cut is the best example of pixie cut for round faces. It features long layers at the crown that can serve as fringes or bangs when swept to the side or combed down.

Ginnifer's pixie haircut    Ginnifer Goodwin's pixie cut

Pixie Haircut for Square face

If you have a square shaped face, then you should opt for a pixie cut that will soften your strong jaw such as a wispy bang or a pixie cut with layers. Famous Hollywood celebrity Cate Blanchett’s pixie haircut is the best example of a pixie cut that will balance the angular lines of your face.

Cate's pixie cut    Cate's pixie haircut

Short Pixie haircut for Oblong face

If you have an oblong face then you should opt for a pixie haircut that will make the elongated shape of your face look a bit shorter. A good idea is to opt for a pixie cut with long bangs and flat on the crown.

Pixie haircut for oblong face    Pixie cut for oblong face

Image Credit: Olly                                                                            Image Credit: Jaimie Duplass

Image Credits: Helga Esteb /

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