Appropriate Hairstyles To Wear To Job Interviews

14 Jul

interview2 300x200 Appropriate Hairstyles To Wear To Job InterviewsLike dressing, hair has a certain code that will make you attractive or not attractive to recruiters.   We live in a society where the good jobs are scarce, so if you are on the job hunt, there are certain tips and tricks that you should bear in mind where your hair is concerned, so it does not cost you a job.

1. Do Your Homework

So you thought that homework was over after you left school?  It comes in very handy in the job hunt.  Check out the company that you are called to for an interview, get an idea of the culture of the organization how do you see workers wearing their hair.  This is extremely important, may be even more important than your dressing!  If you have sister locks and you see a fellow person with sister locks, is she allowed to wear it out?   If someone has natural hair can they wear big afro’s?  Is the hair color that you are currently wearing too brash and loud?   Check out these things before you show up.

2. Wear Your Hair Conservatively For The Interview

This advice goes the same as for dressing, even if you will be interviewing in an atmosphere that is casual and laid back, dress conservatively and wear your hair in a conservative manner.   Maybe a chignon or hair caught up in one place would be better at your first showing, than a wild hairstyle that you may see others wearing.  It might not send the right signals to your recruiter.

3. Wild Child Styles

If you have bright outlandish hair colors in your hair, tone it down for the job interview.   Like heavy perfume, a recruiter might find bright hair colors a bit too overpowering and this could actually jeopardize your interview before you begin.   A recruiter might be thinking,  ‘nice resume but seems too much of a wild child’.   Studies indicate that it takes four seconds for a recruiter to look at you and form opinions.   That’s just a glance and your hair and dress are the first things they see.   When you appear polished and well groomed, it often gives the impression that you are attentive to detail, which is definitely in your favor.

4. Sexy Hairstyles

Never ever wear hairstyles that deemed to be ‘sexy’, those styles that are tousled and big and make you look like you just rolled out of bed or you are the hottest thing since sliced bread.   Women will hate you…that’s right, the first glance will create a bias and you will not get the time of day.   The men…might like it, but then they will question your competency or intelligence.

5. Do Not Stand Out From The Crowd

This might seem like bad advice in the job market but it is very true for hairstyles.   You do not want to be the oddball, the person who is pigeonholed as too “somethinbun3 199x300 Appropriate Hairstyles To Wear To Job Interviewsg”.   We live in a society where looks count.   It really does, and if you stick out like a sore thumb, you may find that you have a good interview and yet you are not hired.   A good thing to do to ascertain what is appealing in your local job search area is to look at the hair styles that the anchor women on TV are wearing and take inspiration from their styles.   Much thought goes into their hairstyles so that they can appeal to the local audience.

Hair Style Guide:

Long Hair- which includes sister locks, dreadlocks, relaxed hair, natural hair- any style that is pulled back or up—Buns, Chignons, Classic Styles, make sure that the hair is moisturized and smelling good and check for any dandruff flakes before you step out of the house.

Short Hair-short hairstyles are more straightforward, ensure that there are no hairs sticking out or pointing up.   Avoid hair jewellery and accessories with any color on them.

pixel Appropriate Hairstyles To Wear To Job Interviews

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