2012 Popular Short Hairstyles for Ladies: Side Part Haircuts

5 Apr

Short Side Part Haircut

Mulligan Short Side Part Haircut for women

Also known as slanted or short-angled, short side part haircuts are one of the hairstyles which enjoy the widest possible range. Depending on the facial features, the silhouette created by this short hairdo could be traditional, trendy, sophisticated, elegant or casual provided the part is correctly identified and conducted.

Affect of a parting

Short Side Part Hairstyle

Farah Fath Short Side Part Hairstyle

Opting for a side part hairstyle is the easiest as also the most refreshing way to transform your looks not to mention the economics involved. By itself, a side parting may not seem like a revolution but its incorporation not only serves to successfully camouflage natural flaws but adds volume and texture to the hair as well. Irrespective of whether the short side part haircuts are left or right centric, the end result is often a sweet look which is compatible with any occasion, meaning it is like a one-solution-fits-all hairdo. Such a haircut could be curly or teased and is further accentuated with bangs swept in either of the directions.

Which side should the part be?

Side Part Hairstyle

Frankie Sandford Side Part Hairstyle

This is an imperative decision which must precede all short side part haircuts as its impact could make or break the eventual appearance. For an individual who is going to try side-parting for the first time, an important point which needs to be heeded is to ensure that the side part should be aligned with the natural cowlick and growth of the hair.

Paris Hilton Short Hair Style

Paris Hilton Short Blonde Hair Style

Asking an expert hair stylist for an opinion is strongly recommended as such an individual would not only be able to point the right side but also arrange the haircut in such a way that it remains in place for a long time afterwards as well.

Popular side parted hairstyles

Short side parted haircuts

Jessica Stroup Short side parted haircuts

Some of the popular short side part haircuts are bob, punk and Mohican and while the bob is a timeless classic which can be sported by any age-group, punk and Mohican are usually preferred by teens or field professionals.

Platinum blonde Haircut

Victoria Beckham Platinum blonde Haircut

A common characteristic is the length of the hair, which should be between the jawline and the neckline and exceptionally longer in the front as compared to the back.

Side parted hairstyle

Michelle Williams Side parted hairstyle

Surfing the Internet would reveal detailed instructions as regards how to side part hair at home but when it comes to acquiring a haircut, visit to a reputed stylist is a must. Find more short hairstyles in our short haircuts gallery.
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