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The teddy boy haircut is an iconic haircut that defined the 50s. Flamboyant yet masculine, this haircut reached its peak in the 50s but is still popular today. The haircut needs a longer length but it is relatively easy to style in the morning with the right kind of product.


It is a hairstyle that is characterized by height, volume and natural texture. It is a uniquely British phenomenon that arose from the influence of Edwardian style. The first styles

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Men who like to play with the style and texture of hair will love the hold of the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. This product comes with a unique formula making it suitable for various styles and hair textures, whether you have limp, curly or wavy hair. It is also formulated to easily wash out with water. The water soluble formulation gives the hair a fixed hold without that heavy, greasy feel. You will know that this is a good product just by looking at its history. Developed by professional barbers, Uppercut provides just the right hold for a stylish and manly …

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Choose a hairstyle for your hair should be right. It is because hair can represent how your personality. So, you need to understand the type of your face before apply style for your hair. There many type of your face such as round, square, oval and many more. Oval is ideal face shape. It is suitable for any hairstyle. But, what does about square? Some of people think that square is hard one to work with hairstyle. Square face signed with a long and wide face in all of side. it

Posted by Hair Expert, Modern Hairstyle. February 22nd, 2014

Perhaps, still of you who are not sure about platinum color is. Basically, platinum is a lightest shade of blonde. So, it is kind of the step below of white. It has metallic shade. It is different of silver. If silver color gets a blue cast, platinum didn’t. Platinum only get a gold cast. So, sometimes platinum blonde hairstyle gets a gold effect in bright light. If you are the person who love to the challenge by change the hair color. Platinum blonde hairstyle is the best look will you ever

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Black hairstyle can be changing your look more amazing. It shows your hair with healthy, shiny and eye-catching black hair. To apply black hairstyle with color, you should be considering about your skin tones and eye color. Apply a dark hue could be include a deep shade of red or brown. It is for show a depth and interest the color. So you could have a natural color with black.

brown and Black Hair Colours

brown and Black Hair Colours

Hair Color Now

Hair Color Now

Before you decide to make a black hairstyle with color, you

Posted by Hair Expert, Celebrity Hairstyle. February 20th, 2014

Commonly, hairstyle and haircut for men have not many styles to do with their hair. Over the times, haircut for men is not only about short haircut but also combination of style between hairstyle and fashion.  The one of haircut which can you imitate is Roger Sterling Haircut. Roger Sterling is a fictional character which played by John Slattery in Mad Men series on TV. Sterling’s style is very charismatic look in his age. So, his style can be another option for men who want to be having a charismatic

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